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Dancing With The Stars

If you are anything like me, you look at yourself in the mirror only if absolutely necessary. You have installed a low watt light bulb in your bathroom and when you shower it is to the soft glow of a night light.
Are we crazy, why are we doing this to ourselves?
You are supposed to be happy about the way you look. You are supposed to be above all of the “never ending media pressure” to be a size 2, have long blonde hair, be an executive of a fortune 500 company, have 2.5 kids, a large home (with a white picket fence) and of course, don’t forget the nanny, you have to have a nanny,(the husband part is optional though).
Now if you’re a guy, you would probably not relate to the weight issue, as men do not seem to care. They still hold on to that age old philosophy “the bigger the better”. Got news for you guys, philosophy doesn’t count for much when you are trying to finds your significant other.
So in answer to my first question: Yes, we are crazy. We should all listen to our mothers, who will tell us “Beauty is only skin deep and it is more important to be a nice person then it is to be a beautiful person”. We should listen to our mom, but let’s face it, we won’t.
Let’s forget the “looks” part of it and concentrate on what is really important, which is our health.
It is time to get off the couch and make the changes in our lives that will make us a healthier, happier camper.
Exercise is the key to happiness, exercise is the key to happiness, I keep telling myself this over an over again, hoping to get up the inspiration to begin exercising; so far no luck.
Hey wait a minute, lets make this fun, who say’s exercise has to be dull and full of pain? I’ve got a brilliant idea: I am going to take dance lessons.
Not just any dance lessons mind you; I am going to take lessons from a Star. Just the other night I was watching the news on ABC and on came this great looking guy named “Louis van Amstel, best known for his 3 hit seasons on America's most popular dance show, 'Dancing with the Stars'. If you are going to learn how to dance why not learn from the best? I have heard that he is a great dance teacher; and on top of that he is really handsome (not that looks are important).
I am going to learn all the greatest dance steps like the: Cha Cha, Salsa, Waltz, Tango, Sumba, Jive, Rumba and the Foxtrot; with Louis van Amstel as my own personal dance trainer; how can I lose?
The best part is, I am going to lose those extra little love handles that I have been carrying around with me lately; and have fun while doing it.
My girlfriend, who bought the 8 disc set a couple of months ago, is already dancing like a star. She says that the dance steps are really easy to learn and that I can practice them in the privacy of my own home; which is great because I am probably going to look like a fool for the first couple of dance lessons.
I don’t have a boy friend right now but that is not going to stop me. I am going to learn how to dance first and then I will finally have the confidence to go out
dancing with my friends on a Saturday night. Who knows “some enchanted evening, I may meet a stranger, I may meet a stranger from across a crowded room and some how well know, well know even then, that we will be seeing each other again and again……..for those of you that haven’t seen the movie that was a direct quote from the “South Pacific” a must see for the romantic adventure lovers out there!
Watch out world, here I come; I will be leaner and healthier and KNOW HOW TO DANCE!
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Celebrity dance coach

It’s Friday; thank goodness it’s the weekend. The kids have run out of clean socks and underwear, the fridge has been empty since Thursday, the house is unrecognizable, one of our kitchen cupboards has been hanging on one hinge since the beginning of the week and I will finally have time to help my daughter with her class project. Ah, time to relax at last; except that this weekend isn’t shaping up to be much fun for me.
My girlfriends are disgusted with me. They think that I’m crazy to be wasting my life constantly working and doing things that they deem as being NO FUN.
Well, who can argue with them; lets face it, they’re right. I don’t run my life, my life runs me! In a moment of rebellion, and in light of this momentous discovery, I grab a pen and paper and quickly write down all of the stuff I am to do this weekend and the possible solutions:
Kids have run out of clean underwear and socks – Solution = buy them new ones on the way home from the office.
Fridge is empty - Solution = order take-out
Kitchen cupboard is falling off its hinges – Solution = take it right off! (this will make it faster to get to the plates). Note to myself: remove all cupboard doors!
House is unrecognizable – Solution = offer my daughter and her two girl friends tickets to the movies if they restore the house to some semblance of order.
Daughters class project – Solution = after movie have the girls all work on their projects together.
I can’t believe it, I am FREE! I have time to do whatever I want. It takes me about half a second to decide what that is; finally I can take those dance lessons that I saw advertised on ABC News the other night “Louis Let’s Dance”. All of my friends have signed up and are loving it; and the funny thing is, their husbands are enjoying it as well.
I can picture it now, the lights turned down low, the heady beat of Salsa music playing in the background… romance is definitely in the air. My man comes across the room to me wearing his tux, his arms open, inviting me into his strong embrace.
I slowly walk towards him, my dress swaying as I gently move my hips from side to side. He grabs hold of my hand, putting his other hand behind me at the small of my back. Within a moment, he has my body tight up against his own; he holds me possessively, like he will never let me go.
The music starts, the dance has begun. We move together across the dance floor; he spins me away from him, only to bring me back firmly, my body sliding up against his as together we twirl and grind and pump our bodies against one another, all to the hypnotic beat of the Salsa.
I am breathless at the end of the dance. As I spin away from him, the music starts again this time it is the Cha Cha. Once again our bodies move together; with smiles on our faces and laughter in our hearts we masterfully meet the challenges of the dance.
As the song is about to reach its crescendo, I pull away from him and then launch myself into his arms as he lifts me effortlessly from the dance floor over his head in our triumph.
I have never felt so alive, as he gently brings me down from the top of the world, I softly wet my lips in anticipation for his kiss. I am so aroused I could burst; as our mouths draw nearer, I look into his eyes and …it is not my husband.
I shake myself awake, realizing it was just a dream. I am still at work and my weekend of ease and adventure has not yet started.
Still reeling from the passion of my dream, and thoughts of my mysterious dance partner, I call my husband and together we plan a night to remember.
With the help of Emmy Nominated Choreographer, Louis van Amstel, best known for his 3 hit seasons on America's most popular dance show, 'Dancing with the Stars', my husband and I have learned all of the most popular dance steps. We can now dance the Cha Cha, Salsa, Waltz, Tango, Sumba, Jive, Rumba and the Foxtrot.
I am happy to report that I no longer dream of my handsome stranger. My day dreams are once again filled with thoughts of my handsome husband, as we renew our love, make new memories and keep the romance and passion alive.
Learning how to dance has helped us gain more confidence, tone our bodies, and we have even been able to shed some of those unwanted pounds, and we are having fun while doing it.
Another huge bonus is that, now that Mom and Dad go out dancing on Saturday night, my kids have started to pitch in around the house. Now, we can all enjoy our weekends. We are truly blessed!
Before long you too could be “Dancing like a Star”.

Learn to dance

"We have been watching the show for a couple of years and I am excited to learn this with my girlfriend. I am surprising her for Christmas - I wanted to give her something romantic and she will love this! - Bryce B. Utah
It is Saturday night, your friends and their significant others are off for another fun night of music and dancing. You would really like to go, except you can’t dance, or at least you think you can’t and that is enough to stop you from going.
Instead you stay home in your bath robe and watch “Dancing with the Stars’’. The gorgeous costumes, the infectious beat of the music, and of course the romance…..
As you drift off to sleep you envision yourself being whirled across the dance floor with the hypnotic beat of the Samba surrounding you in its warmth. You are in the arms of a handsome man. You smile up at him in confidence; his large hands encircle your waist as he glides you across the floor, making your feel like you are flying.
Laughing triumphantly, you throw back your head and begin swaying with the music swing and grinding your hips seductively as you drive yourself closer and closer to the edge of ... the dance floor.
As the music draws to a close you gently pull apart, he tries to draw you back but as you turn from him you are swept away once again but this time in the arms of another man.
You look back and catch the desperate look in your partner’s eyes as he watches you being lead away from him this time to the gentle sway of the waltz.
There is no stopping you tonight; you are barely able to catch your breath as one partner after the other claims you for a dance. Visions of the foxtrot, the Jive, the Rumba and the Cha Cha fill your head.
As you look around the room searching for the handsome partner that you shared your first dance with you notice that most of the dancers have left. As if on cue the lights begin to dim. Perhaps, you sigh, it is time for you to go as well. As you head towards the door, the band begins to play and somehow you sense it. He is there waiting for you in the middle of the dance floor with his arms held out to you, looking at you as if you are the only woman in the world.
The sensual music of the Tango pulls you into his arms as once again he folds you into his embrace, spinning you and twirling you across the floor.
As the song comes to an end you glance up at him and feel … like you must be dreaming.
Well, yes of course you are, but the good news is that it will not be for long. With the help of Emmy Nominated Choreographer, Louis van Amstel, best known for his 3 hit seasons on America's most popular dance show, 'Dancing with the Stars', you will be able to learn all of the most popular dance steps in the ease and convenience of your own home.
The eight disc selection allows you to choose from popular dancing steps such as: Cha Cha, Salsa, Waltz, Tango, Sumba, Jive, Rumba and the Foxtrot.
Learning how to dance will help you gain more confidence, tone your body, and shed any unwanted pounds, and the greatest part of it is that you will be having fun while doing it.
Before long you too could be “Dancing with the Stars”.
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Celebrity Dance Instruction - Celebrity Dance Coaching With Louis Van Amstel

Learn To Dance The Cha Cha
Louis is known for his celebrity dance instruction, and even HE claims that most celebrities LOVE the cha cha. It's fun, it works your body well, and is easy to learn for anyone! Grab your partner, and CHA CHA your way to a healthier body.
Learn To Dance FoxTrot
FoxTrot is FOXY! Learn this dance, and you can easily incorporate it into any of the other popular dances. What's better is your love life will also have a new sparkle as you and your partner learn to trot to perfection.
The Jive
Do you know how to Jive? This is a fast-paced, very exciting dance to learn! You get to let loose and release all that stress and tension with your partner! Easy to learn and will be a great cardio workout!
The Rhumba
The Rhumba is a very sexy dance and a great waist trimmer! Lose inches on your hips too! This video takes you through all the sexy steps with Louis and Irina, leading the way. Passion is back, and your about to find it again!
Learn To Dance Salsa!
Salsa is seductive and you'll be dancing closer to your partner than you ever imagined! Want your partner to remember why they fell in love, learn the Salsa with a mixture of creative footsteps and easy moves! Watch out, this dance screams SEXY!
So YOU Want To Learn How To Dance?!
Don't worry, even I use to suck at dancing, until I had some inspiration to actually learn the steps. The truth is, it LOOKS hard, but it's actually quite easy once we get those basics out of the way. This course was designed to teach you both the basics and some intermediate-advanced ballroom steps to turn YOU into a dance floor machine in no time! I've enjoyed teaching dance for many years now, from celebrities to small sized pro classes, they all have the same reaction to my course:
Makes You Trim Your Body
Beat Your Fear Of Dancing!
Injects Romance Into Your Life
Learn Real Steps In 20 Minutes!
Learn About Posture, Expression
"Worth Every Penny!"
Guaranteed to laugh A Lot!
Confidently Dance Anywhere!
"Now WE LOVE Dancing!"
I LOVE my "Let's Dance with Louis" DVD set. I found Louis' teaching style to make learning so effortless, even my husband can do this with two left feet! Bonus - Just learning the Jive alone, I am getting my waist back again! You can't beat a deal like that: Easy learning curve & Returning body curves!" - Bunny Dunn Salt Lake City, Utah
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How to get her to ask you for your number and a date!

Let’s say you are sitting on a park bench with a beautiful woman. She is totally hot and you want to start to chat with her, to ask her out.
Most guys would just look over with that cocky grin, or even worse, that look of terror like a deer caught in the headlights of a car at night, and to the best of their ability say something along the lines of: “Hey, How you doing? Listen, if you’re free this Saturday night, how 'bout the two of us going out to dinner together? We could maybe have a really good time or something?”
Ding!!!! Wrong! Odds are way less than 5% that they will get the date or even a phone number from this babe. Women need to be slowly warmed up to speed, they aren’t always walking around like a giant “Horn-Dawg,” ready to “F” all the time like us guys are. They need to be “Regulated” with care and patience.
Women say they make up their mind whether or not they are going to go with a guy, even if it is eventually, as in the minds of the “Good Girls,” in the first 12 seconds of their taking notice of you. This means, if you are doing the “Role Reversal Technique” and you get her to look at you, and she gives you an instant brush off, you simply ain’t getting any. Or similarly, after 12 seconds she replies with no clear sign of appreciation for what she has just experienced by taking you in, then it’s over. Move on!
So here’s the best way to play this technique, covering all your bases, ensuring the greatest opportunity for success, without wasting a lot of precious time. Sit down next to the woman that you are interested in and immediately say “Hi, how you doing?” while looking her directly in the eyes for about 2 seconds, no more, or she instantly thinks you are a “Dangerous Psycho Freak,” and the game is over before it starts!
Smile again but now break off the eye contact. Turn to look at something else of interest, after all you are interested and like what you see, but you are a confident person, and are used to being surrounded by hot chicks all the time, right? So remember, smile, say hello, look her in the eyes for 2 seconds, break the glance, look away, but maintain the smile on your face.
Calmly survey the surrounding area, and wait for some kind of immediate response from her. If her reaction is anything less than totally enthusiastic, or a least reasonably open and perhaps playing coy, but showing signs of sincere interest, then you immediately withdraw your attention from her completely, as if she is simply not there. I mean you totally back off, as if you’re not even the slightest bit interested at all.
This officially puts the ball into motion. The game has now, to all intents and
purposes, begun! While you appear to be reading your magazine or watching the people walk by, you will begin the “Role Reversal Thought Transmission Strategy!”
This technique is cleverly performed quietly inside your mind. But don’t ever underestimate the power of its pull and force! You start to send your short, sharp signal, subconsciously towards her, but an important point of serious differentiation needs to be observed here...
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How to activate the hypnotic command that will make your “fear of rejection disappear” whenever you need extra confidence!

Whenever we have unfortunately or even accidentally programmed inhibitive ideas or beliefs about ourselves into our conscious and subconscious mind, whether these thoughts are of our own origination, or injected into our psyche by someone else, they are known as “Self-Limiting Thoughts,”. They are absolute trouble and need to be dealt with immediately!
“Self-Limiting Beliefs” are so effectively detrimental because they come from within, so there is far less opportunity to fend off their attacks and defend ourselves from the self-annihilation they bring. “Self-Limiting Beliefs” are the most powerful enemy we can ever have to face, as the famous old saying reminds us so very clearly, “We have seen the enemy, and they are “US!”
Just like in real warfare, one of the most efficient strategies to win a battle is to infiltrate the oppositions camp and spy out their strategies and battle plans. As well as this, you provide them with as much false information as possible, to lead them astray, causing them to make incorrect moves, based on improper assumptions. In turn, leaving them vulnerable and ready to be more easily defeated.
This is exactly what happens to you when you allow your unconscious and conscious mind to offer up negative and simply bad information to yourself about yourself. As you plan your campaign to get ladies and get laid based on a collection of Un-True and Falsified Facts about yourself – the facts that are burned into your unconscious mind – you will start setting in motion a plan to FAIL. Your brain will work its hardest to prove your plan correct – and you will probably fall well short of your intended targets.
Some Self-Limiting Beliefs are as follows:
Girls only want to be with guys who have lots of money!
Women only want sex with strings attached – committed relationships!
If you aren’t “Great Looking,” you may as well just give up now!
Babes can sense inexperience and won’t even give you the time of day if they think you don’t have the experience they deem “necessary”.
Hot chicks are only attracted to “Bad-Boy,” Alpha-Male, “A”-holes!
She’s already got a boyfriend, better give up now!
Women should be willing to accept me completely, just the way I already am!
She’s a “Total 10,” I can’t compete for her. I don’t measure up!
The “Super-Models” are off-limits, simply NO CHANCE there!
That babe is way too popular, look at all the guys who are already all over her!
They’re just a few of the seriously debilitating Self-Limiting Beliefs that can hold us back from really going for all the gusto we not only deserve, but could easily have if we just trusted in ourselves enough to go for it! If you don’t believe you can get the chick, you won’t get the chick! If you “DO” believe you can get the chick, you “WILL” get the chick! It’s really that simple. It’s all about what you believe!
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How to drive her crazy with desire while you play it totally cool, calm and collected!

We need to understand a very basic fact. Women are naturally, automatically attracted to guys that are confident and comfortable with themselves and the lady. It’s thousands of years of “Survival Instinct” subconsciously and sometimes even consciously, programmed into their heads. Confident men, often referred to in psychological books as the “Alpha Male” are viewed by females as the natural born leaders. They’re the strong and self reliant providers and that’s what they instinctively want to attract to themselves and what they feel safe being attracted to. It’s all a matter of mentally programmed survival instinct.
Plus, women like to feel like women and want to be around a guy who makes them feel like a woman. That’s accomplished by a dude that seems strong, powerful, secure, and has his proverbial “shit” together. So, does this mean that if we weren’t born with these natural personality traits, then we are simply out of luck and aren’t going to get the babes? Well, that’s what it used to mean. But now we have a couple of secret weapons that’ll change your life and your luck with the ladies forever. The names of those secret weapons are “Self-Hypnotic Suggestion” and “Self-Subconscious Implantation!”You see, somewhere along the road most of us some how got “f**ked up” in the head by someone. It could be a parent, or sibling, maybe a relative or neighbor. Perhaps it was a teacher, or some other culturally accepted authority figure, maybe even a total stranger. Or, as is most often the case, we simply did it to ourselves.
The human mind is like a computer – whatever you program into the computer, is what you are going to get out of it. Sometimes, if your inputting skills are lacking or if there is a flaw or glitch in the system, what comes out is distorted, warped and barely recognizable as what was intended to be filed away for safe keeping.
So, a misunderstanding with a friend, a harsh comment by a teacher, a cruel word by a parent, or even simply being turned down when making an early attempt to steal a kiss or hold a girls hand while walking, can create devastating effects. Left alone
and unchallenged, they will debilitate and subconsciously handicap a guy for life, until he takes the time to go back in and “Re-Program” out the garbage information and replace it with the “Proper Data” that will be useful and effective for him to run a successful love life!
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Increase Your Confidence! Be Totally At Ease Around Women Using Self-hypnosis!Will Make You Sexually Attractive To Over 87% Of Single Women!"

Increase Your Confidence! Be Totally At Ease Around Women Using Self-hypnosis!
"HypnoDate Version IIWill Make You Sexually Attractive To Over 87% Of Single Women!" - Simon Swift, Seduction Expert"Attract And Sleep With TWO Women By The End Of The Week!"
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Steve, UK
Learn today, how to instantly create a subconscious state of “Hypnotic Confidence” allowing you to approach and seduce, any woman you choose - with total ease and finesse!The Ancient, Well-Guarded Secrets To Seduce Women, Now revealed in an easy to follow, step-by-step, online guide!
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"Any Woman You Ever Wanted, Could Now Be Yours"
Made Fully Legal At Last: HypnoDate is back!Without losing the essence of the powerful secrets that made the original HypnoDate so effective, we now have a 100% legal version II of the product, available here!
This is the bigger, better and more powerful HypnoDate version II... In a few moments I'm going to tell you a secret that very few men know, and as soon as you know it, your success with women will go through the roof...
You've heard the stories, but you never really believed it, or at least, you never actually knew anyone, personally, who held and demonstrated this magnificent hypnotic wisdom and knowledge. Now that person can be YOU!
Fat, Bald, Old, Broke or Ugly? None of that matters anymore!
You’ve seen 'em all your life! Those guys that p**s you off to no end. Balding, overweight, short, and ugly, older guys, walking around with a gorgeous babe on each arm. You first thought it must be “Money,” but then you’d check out their clothes, their shoes and when you followed them out to the parking lot to scope out their ride, you quickly found out that MONEY obviously wasn’t the secret. So what was it???
In a recent survey carried out, 5 factors emerged that women found most attractive in men they are looking to get with.
They are:
Good Looking
Sense of Humor
Ultra Confidence
Being Successful
Ability to protect and give a Sense of Safety to the woman
Can you guess which one was the top of their list?
Well, the winner by a large margin was confidence.
And luckily for you, confidence is the one we can truly help you with. We can't make you rich, we can't make you funny and we can't change your looks.
But what we CAN do is give you an unmovable rock-solid confidence that draws women to you faster than a one day purse and shoe sale!
he Mysterious Hidden Truths and Techniques of the Historical “Great Lovers throughout the Centuries,” Now Compiled into a single, step-by-step, simple to follow, easy to read and USE online edition!
You are able to Learn:
How to drive her crazy with desire while you play it totally cool, calm and collected!
What to do to make her want “Sex” with you!
How to activate the hypnotic command that will make your “fear of rejection disappear” whenever you need extra confidence!
The way to use her natural curiosity as a trusted ally, working constantly for your team!
How to present yourself in such a way, that she decides she wants to sleep with you in the first few minutes she sees you!
The single “Most Important” thing to remember when hooking up with a lady to get you where you want to be - fast!
How to use women’s addiction to conversation, as a short cut to getting into their beds tonight!
Why it’s psychologically normal for most women to subconsciously want "great sex", just as much as men, if provided the right opportunity and environment!
How to decipher a beautiful woman’s subconscious thoughts to help you score sooner and more often!
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